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Autodelta43 versus Matrix 6C 2500S Ghia 1947

Last Update: 2/13/2020 3:00 PM
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2/13/2020 2:51 PM

Autodelta43 versus Matrix 6C 2500S Ghia 1947

Maurizio Sabatini launched the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500S Ghia last year in a limited edition. Top modellisimo as usual in 1:43. His model can hardly be distinguished
from the 1: 1 Ghia, with outstanding interior details.

Felice Mario Boano was the designer of this Ghia cabriolet, the last of the 4 with this remarkable body. One of the 2 that still exists, the 2nd seems to be in Japan.
irst introduced in 1947 at the Concorso Villa d'Este. All were delivered to Roma in 1949. At that time already a daring design with modern lines and Art Déco elements.
Without a traditional Alfa Romeo radiator grill, but with a streamlined nose with 5 rectangular chrome inlets and polished glass headlights,
reminiscent of a pre-war Panhard front. see link at

The Ghia stood for 21 years with one owner in Roma and 30 years with a 2nd collector. Spotted 118253-Roma at the Auto d’Epoca fair in Padova at the 6C Registro. In 1998 the ownership papers changed and a 2-year restoration took place. Quality Cars in Padova brought the pearl-gray cabriolet back in absolute concours condition, good for the "Gentleman's Sports Car Class H" award in Como-Cernobbio at Concorso Villa d'Este 2012.
Houtman Collection NL purchased the convertible at the Bonhams auction during RétroMobile Paris 2015. At the immediately following Techno Classica SIHA they won "Best of Show".
2 years later, another show title on Maastricht "InterClassics" was added. 2017 and 2018 again shown in Essen by Houtkamp. In 2018 with a price €uro 595,000 sold to a German collector.
The masterly 1:43 Autodelta43 SR20 is a real masterpiece. Hardly recognized as an Alfa nor found beautiful by everybody, yet unique.

Matrix Scale Models NL resin-cast 1:43 announced in april to make their 21st/22nd Alfa Romeo model. Alfa Romeo 6C 2500S ‘modello esclusivo’, chassis 915.358,
designed by Carrozzeria Ghia in 1947. They knew the car from the international fairs on Rétromobile 2015, Techno Classica 2015/2017/2018 and ‘Best of Show’
on InterClassics MECC Maastricht 2017. Matrix choose for the Ghia because the original car was available in the Netherlands 2015-2018 at Houtkamp Collection.
the Matrix models became available early december.
Matrix MX 50102-111 open cabriolet.
Matrix MX 50102-112 closed softroof.
In the whole selection process Matrix had no knowledge at all that Maurizio Sabatini also made the same car. It is most unfortunate, especially for Maurizio,
that both modelproducers were after the same Ghia ! there was no intention to compete with each other.

Some pictures to compare the 2 models side by side: the Matrix is slightly wider and has coarser etchings. The front and headlights are different, also the side of the car.
There is a left mirror on the Matrix. Both have an excellent interior.
Anyway, both models are a valuable addition to our collection. The Autodelta43 for the the ultimate Alfa collector, Matrix for a wider audience, as priced at €uro 85,00.

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